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Walking Experience

The Alpaca Walking Experience

An unforgettable experience ideal for adults & children.
Small private personal groups of families or friends to make more of a personal experience.

Allow 2-3 hours for your Alpaca walking experience.
(Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult)

Alpaca Walking Derbyshire

What’s Included

Get to know some great alpaca facts along with a small safety chat before your walk so you and the Alpacas can enjoy your time together.

Greet, halter & walk with your Alpaca around our beautiful Derbyshire farm land.

Tea, coffee, squash & cake can be self served from the barn.

Needle felt a simple Alpaca shape made from Alpaca fleece just for you to take home.

Alpaca Walking Prices

**The minimum number of Alpacas that can be booked per walk is two**

This is because Alpacas are herd animals and do not like to be by themselves, they ALWAYS need a buddy Alpaca to walk together with.

Person + Alpaca
Alpaca Walking Experience

Two people walking experience
one Alpaca each


Minimum two people

Person & Child + Alpaca
Alpaca Walking Experience

A person and a child
sharing an Alpaca.


Minimum two alpacas

Accompanying Visitor
Alpaca Walking Experience

A person walking with but not leading an Alpaca. Strictly 1 per walk


Minimum two alpacas

Returning Customers
(No Frills) 90min Alpaca Walk

Includes meet & greet the alpacas, a walk with the alpacas and time in the field watching and photographing them.


Minimum two alpacas

Please Note

A child should be aged between 10 and 12 years old for their safety.

The maximum number of Alpacas that can be booked per walk is four. Keeping groups small and personal.