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About Us

The Alpaca Walking Experience

Springs lane farm is a friendly smallholding run by Henry and Deanna, Henry mainly runs the farm, with help from their 2 border-collies, he breeds pedigree sheep.

Deanna owns their three horses, two Friesians; a mare and her son and their little friend a Miniature Shetland Pony, used for riding, driving and helping with jobs around the farm.

We started our Alpaca journey in the spring 2018, when we diversified into owning a small micro herd of male Huacaya Alpacas, has pets and for fibre production and with the idea of offering small private alpaca walks experiences. This all came about after a family member previously said "why dont you own alpacas, they are very cute." Deanna being a vegetarian most of my life, was curious and the idea really appealed to her owning animals that didn't go for slaughter and the bonus of being able to use their amazing fluffy fleeces for crafting projects. We feel, keeping things small & personal is the best way to enjoy & share our alpacas. Our small micro herd is ever increasing slowly, with females alpacas now joining us, and our future in breeding begins..

On your Alpaca walk, you may see and meet all our animals around our smallholding farm.


Animal Welfare License

Updated 19th April 2022