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Alpaca Adoption

By Lindway Springs Alpacas
Adopt an Alpaca
Alpaca Adoption
Adopt an Alpaca

Receive personal information relating to your alpaca, pictures and more.

£60.00 per person

Adopt an Alpaca Adopt an Alpaca

The adoption includes:

  • 2 visits to our farm.
    Visit 1 - Gift Voucher for a Alpaca Walk Experience, with our unique crafting twist for 1 person + 1 accompanying guest, not leading an alpaca (this can be updated for a walk at extra cost.)
    Visit 2 - Meet/Greet & Feed your alpaca.
  • Alpaca Adoption Certificate
  • Alpaca Gifts, from your chosen alpaca's fleece.
  • Photograph of your chosen alpaca.*
  • Alpaca information sheets.*
* can be emailed or hard copy


Adopt an Alpaca

Star Breaker

Adopt an Alpaca


Adopt an Alpaca


Adopt an Alpaca

Alpaca adoptions are valid for 18 months